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A Little History
of Betacomms

Betacomms was first established in 2006. The company started out of the desire to help solve customers problems with legacy Telecoms systems, whether it was maintaining outdated systems or integrating them with modern replacements, we worked alongside the client to find the best fit for their systems. Since then the company has expanded and diversified. Our core values are still the same, we are here to solve problems, except now we are able to deal with IT systems, Telecoms systems and Electrical systems. We provide customers with the best fit for their needs.

Betacomms in the

At Betacomms we have seen the rapid changes in the telecommunications industry, we will continue to assist customers with their ever changing needs and strive to stay at the forefront of the latest technologies.

Selected Clients

Our engineers work for tier 1 retailers across the UK
Betacomms assisted M&S with their migration from their legacy Siemens telephone systems to a modern Voip solution. As well as continuing to support them with special projects.
PMRS and Betacomms have had a close working relationship since incorperationg working on projects for Tier 1 retailers together across the country
Betacomms have worked on many projects across the UK and Europe in cooperation with KMH Group for Large Manufactures and Teir 1 Retailers

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